People Get Ready, There's A Train A-Comin' ...and it will probably stop in Crofton!
Appeared in the Hopkinsville Kentuckian
Hopkinsville, KY
Friday, September 5, 1902

Hopkinsville Kentuckian
1889 - 1918
Waitin' On A Train

It could have all been different!

In 1902, Crofton was at the risk of losing the railroad line running through town.
The railroad back then, was a lot more important to the town.

If the railroad made an offer today to move the tracks out of town, and they needed help,
how long would it take to round up 100 or more volunteers,... Maybe 5...10 minutes?

With the frustration I've heard (and experienced) of waiting on a train in Crofton over the years, I would say it wouldn't take long at all.
I think most would agree, they would be glad to see it go.
Appeared in the Kentucky New Era
Hopkinsville, KY
Friday, September 5, 1902

Kentucky New Era
1869 - Present
News that hits home.
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